Iggy’s always been on our go to list, and we’ve not had the opportunity to celebrate since we last had lunch 4 years ago after getting the keys to our apartment. This is the first time in a long while we stayed in Singapore for H’s birthday, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try dinner at their new venue.

With the influx of countless celebrity chefs setting up branches in Singapore, Iggy’s might have lost some shine. However, this place was around almost 10 years ago and is a pioneer in the fine dining scene. Their new premise in the Hilton hotel is remarkable bigger – they have kept the original counter seat concept (now facing the pastry chefs) and have added private rooms and a dining hall. Service is top notch as expected of a place of this standing and was perfect without being ostentatious.

We had not read any recent reviews on the place so were surprised that the menu was highly Japanese influenced. Almost every dish had a Japanese element to it and our favourite was the foie gras risotto. Their famous sakura ebi cappellini was on the menu and though well executed we didn’t think it was outstanding. Every dish was beautifully presented and the succession of each dish flowed perfectly into the next. Though each dish was executed perfectly, we wished more dishes had surprised us or have the wow factor.

Only the menu is served for dinner, so this is a place reserved for special occasions. Lunch is a cheaper alternative and the experience is no less special.

The Hilton Hotel, 581 Orchard Road Level 3

January Menu @ $275/pax

Gillardeau Oyster
Iggy’s sushi
Buri, egg sauce
Alaskan King Crab
Alba white truffle, foie gras risotto
Sakura ebi cappellini
Kuro Mutsu with Jamon Iberica
Roast Duck
Forest Berries
Pumpkin spong cake
Hinoki chocolate box



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