L’Agapé Substance

Reservations are hard to score at this St Germain restaurant helmed by the talented chefs David Toutain and Laurent Lapaire of ex-L’Arpège fame. The restaurant seats maybe 20 max and most of the seats are along a long table that stretches from the door to the open kitchen counter. The mirrored walls and ceiling give the illusion of a bigger space, and it allows guests to observe the chefs at work by glancing up at the ceiling.

I guess it’s the fashion now to enter a restaurant, sit down and eat whatever the chefs cook. I love the anticipation and surprise of a Carte Blanche, and at L’Agapé, even the number of dishes are unknown. The waiters speak perfect English and explained each dish in detail.

All of the dishes were creative and each dish had a complexity that was still simple in its concept. Having flown all the way to Europe from Asia, the last thing I want is to have French food tasting Asian, but I accept that the French-Asian fusion is a trend among all gastronomy restaurants. I was not overly excited that some of the dishes have Asian influences, but they were executed perfectly.

There are 2 menus, a smaller menu at €69 and a bigger one at €99. We went for the bigger one, with 1 set of wine pairing. In total, we were served 18 dishes and around 5 glasses of wine.

Lunch and dinner are priced the same, we had the Carte Blanche €99, €169 with wine pairing

66 Rue Mazarine


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