L’Atelier Roppongi Hills

This was the first restaurant of Joel Robuchon we tried – The restaurant in Roppongi Hills is in the middle of a square in the midst of office towers. All L’Ateliers are designed the same, and they upkeep the same standard so it is virtually the same food everywhere in the world. It has a laid back vibe where you can interact with the servers, and it does not feel so stuffy. I love to sit at the counters so I can watch the chefs cook – I can always find some technique to learn.

The menu is only in French and Japanese but the servers speak English and can translate the menu for you. There is also a bakery next door where you can buy some bread for tea time or breakfast. Our 4 course lunch,  2 starters + main + desert was ¥5,400.


Le crabe
served with avocado moose and tomato gelatine

Le foie gras de canard
with cheese risotto

La joue de boef
braised with vegetables

La bavete de boef
served with potato puree

La figue
with raspberry ice area and mousse of white cheese


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