This was our first time to Tokyo and having sushi and sashimi in Tsukiji was mind blowing. H wanted to end Tokyo by trying a high end sushi place, but I didn’t think I could justify how much better sushi could be for the premium we were paying. I went to dinner grudgingly but I left Kuybey with a determination to return.

This 1 star restaurant Edo style sushi changed my mind. It has 5 floors but I think the top 2 floors are private rooms and used to entertain politicians and celebrities. The bottom floors are designed in a counter setting, and each group is assigned a dedicated chef that will prepare and serve the whole meal. Our chef spoke some English and tried to interact and explain to us everything he was serving. The way the chefs were slicing the sashimi or preparing the sushi was like watching a synchronised dance performance, made serious by the concentration on each of the chefs’ faces. We had the sushi kaiseki Shigaraki for ¥15,000 and it was more than enough.

7-6, Ginza 8-chome, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
104-0061, Japan


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