Joel Robuchon Ebisu

We are fans of Joel Robuchon, having tried L’Atelier in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, but never had the chance to try the Restaurant. I don’t usually have the time to take long leisure lunches, and it’s only during holidays that I get to indulge in 3-4 hour long lunches. Lunch is a cheaper alternative but the only problem is coming out tipsy to face the sunlight.

The 3 star Restaurant is housed in a refurbished chateau, which stands out among all the high rise buildings in the area. The dining hall is decorated with chandeliers and tries to bring back the 50s French glamour. The place lives up to its reputation, the food and service is impeccable. The wine list is extensive but slightly on the pricy side. There are different options for lunch, and we chose 1 entrée + 2 mains  + dessert, for around ¥10,000 per person.


Les Entrees

Sea urchin with a delicate crustacean jelly and a cauliflower cream

Les Poissons et Viandes

Confit of salmon served with a dry mushroom oil and a salmon broth reduction

Sea bream served with a lemongrass emulsion and oil, stewed leeks

Challans duck breast served with stewed truffled leeks, duck leg in gratinated potato

Grilled Wagyu beef served with seasonal vegetables and a natural gravy

Les desserts

Apricot compote served with an almond boac-manger and a praline ice cream

Caramelized apple served with a cinnamon ice cream and marinated raisins


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