RyuGin was a recurring recommendation in blogs and conversations with colleagues. At ¥25,000 for dinner, we found it too expensive to consider the first time we were in Tokyo in 2009. A month before we returned to Tokyo in 2011, RyuGin was awarded 3 Michelin stars and H was determined to try it. Our hotel concierge managed to get us the last table for dinner on 31st Dec – we were going to count down the new year with a special menu at ¥30,000!  *Ouch*

Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s kaiseki is essentially traditional Japanese, everything was cooked delicately and presented perfectly. His produce are sourced from around Japan and his cooking technics brought out the best of each ingredient. I found a couple of the dishes were too complicated – too many different textures and flavours for me to digest, but the sequence and balance of the dishes was intriguing. He managed to create a progression and build up in the menu despite alternating between hot and cold dishes.

The whole experience was a gastronomy journey, and was one of the best New Yea’s eve I’ve had.


(hot) Hot turtle tofu with soft rice cake and green onion oil

(cold) Cold soft simmered abalone and wakame seaweed from Naruto, Sanpuku Nori seaweed with white shrimp and herring roe black vinegar jelly, Fragrance of Myoga and Shiso

(cold) Premium monkfish liver from Hokkaido and ark shell with variation of vegetables in special miso sauce

(hot) Matsuba crab from Sanin wrapped in chinese cabbage, Crab shabu style clear soup with fragrance of yuzu

(cold) Turbot, Aoriika squid, Ise ebi lobster, Flavour of Mitsuba and ginger sauce

(hot) Sea perch grilled on charcoal with roasted rice over the skin with black vinegar, Fresh sea urchins grated daikon

(hot) Special free range chicken, New year presentation

(hot) Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin in sukiyaki with crispy fried poached egg, Fuki leaves flavour

(hot) Rice simmered in sakura tea with sakura shrimp from Surugawan bay, Shrimp broth red miso soup

(cold)(hot) -196°C candy strawberry and +99°C strawberry jam

(cold) Roppongi pudding



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