Kyoto is a beautiful place to visit – and even though the temples are beautiful, they start to look the same after you’ve visited the 5th one… The Golden Pavilion was breath taking no matter how immune you get after visiting the 10th temple.

We loved walking aimlessly in the Gion area late at night and getting lost – if you are lucky like us, you might hear the footsteps of a geisha before you actually see her. The click-clock sound of clogs against the cobble pavement precedes a glimpse of a ash white painted face in a beautiful kimono scurrying off to her next appointment.


1) Shibazaki

4-190-3 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku

This restaurant serves excellent hand made soba ¥1000-1500. We had 1 with tempura and 1 with 5 different dipping sauce. Both very good. It is at the bottom of the hill to go to Kiyomizu-Dera temple. A good place to fill your stomach before the short hike up to the temple.  

2) Okakita

34 Minamigoshocho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku

Another excellent place for soba/udon around ¥1200 a bowl. The bowl of hot udon with fishcakes really hit a sweet spot as I remember it was raining heavily and it was so comforting to have a big, hot bowl of soup. The soup was so light yet so flavourful – I have yet to find something similar in Singapore.


Restaurant Yonemura

There are 2 branches, one in Tokyo and the original in Kyoto. The 1* restaurant in Kyoto serves Japanese/French fusion food and this branch is where the chef is stationed. There is only a 10 course ¥14,000 tasting menu is available.. Reservations are a must and luckily for us, our hotel managed to get us a slot on a 2 day notice. It was nice to walk around after dinner to the nearby Yasaka-jinja temple with all the lighted lanterns. Our experience here

Where we’ve stayed

Hotel Granvia

The hotel is part of the JR Kyoto Station, so it’s definitely very convenient when arriving by JR. Even though the hotel is on top of the train station, it is very quiet. The rooms are adequate and big even for Japan standards. The bus station is also at the bottom of the hotel so taking the bus is easy as they have pictures of the tourist attractions along the bus routes.


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