We spent 3 days in Osaka, with a day trip to Kobe just to have some beef. Osaka is another big city, so it was lost in translation all over again. There is not much sightseeing to do, so we just walked around the city. We didn’t find the city to be a fine dining destination, so we stuck many to street food – anything in Japan is good! The traditional food of Osaka is okonomiyaki, but coming from Hiroshima, we were okonomiyaki-maxed out, but you have to try it at least once when there.


Endo Sushi

1-1-86 Noda Fukushima-ku

This sushi joint is located in the carpark next to the Central Wholesale Fish Market (the Tsukiji of Osaka). Sushi is served by the chef in plates of 5 sushi pieces, and you have to eat through 5 plates to start again. ¥1000 per plate of 5 sushi and was the best sushi we had the whole trip. The toro was the best I’ve had. I managed to get through 4 plates and H went all the way to 5. The miso soup was really good too. It opens from 5am-2pm so get there for lunch. It is closed on Sunday. I would fly to Osaka for this sushi. It is that good.


B Bar Umeda

2F, Hilton Plaza East


Walking into Baccarat Bar is like walking into someone’s private boudoir. Dim lighting, minimalistic furniture and smartly dressed mixologist behind the counter. This place serves up mean cocktails housed in all types of Baccarat glasses. They have a good selection of Japanese whiskies as well. Prices are steep, and it had to be one of the most expensive drinks I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it was the language barrier, but it’s not one of those Cheers bar where everybody knows your name, it does have a pretty cold feel to it. However. it was a good way to end our 2 week long trip around Japan.

Where we’ve stayed:

Ritz Carlton Osaka

Rooms are typical Ritz, Victorian style, so might be a little too old fashioned for some. The airport shuttle stops next door, so it’s around 3min walk over to catch the bus to the airport.


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